Interview Dress Shoes

Interview Dress Shoes:


  • Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable! The only stipulation is that you must ensure that the shoes do not clash with the belt or suit. Square toed shoes are okay, but they are slowly moving out of fashion and make your feet look shorter and unnatural. The can be difficult to polish at times also. On the polishing front, your shoes should be immaculate on interview day (and always for that matter). If you feel comfortable polishing your shoes yourself, go for it…or if you are flying to an interview, most airports offer this service, as well. Make sure that both the front and BACK of your shoes are polished and neat. While you can only see the front of your shoes, others (like your interviewer) will also see the backs of your shoes. What I’ve learned from my interview experience is that this is particularly important when interviewing with someone from the armed forces. Having polished shoes is ingrained in the armed forces community, so they tend to notice this part of your wardrobe first, and will make assessments based on what they see. (Some people also equate shoe and hand care as a litmus test for overall hygiene and style. Whether this is right or wrong, just know that some people think in this way.)

    Interview Dress Shoes

    Interview Dress Shoes


  • Typical interview shoe colors are black, brown, burgundy, or some variation therein. Keep the color simple, and matching all other leather-components of the wardrobe ¬†(i.e., belt or suspenders).

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