How to Make a Color Coded U.S. Map from Excel Data

Map With Labels Thumbnails

If you want to create a color coded U.S. map based on your excel data, it’s a very do-able task — but to be fair it’s quite time consuming. I have a YouTube video below that explains how to make this map — generally speaking — because it would take at least an hour to go into full detail. However, I’ve also put it up for sale on this site for only $5 (click here: Customizable U.S. Map.) There is also a $3 version if you don’t need labels on each state. You can check out the product picture to determine which version is right for you, if you so choose to purchase…otherwise, you can find the how-to video below. Even though it is time consuming it’s really fun to make, when you get to see the results of your efforts in action!

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