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Before I launch into the “About Me” portion of this page, I’d like to first thank you for visiting The Condensed MBA. I hope that through my site, you are able to gather valuable information about the MBA admissions process, classes, and post-graduation career guidance.  I have developed this site to help chronicle the learnings I’ve made through my MBA experience, and to provide answers to the questions that I wish I had asked throughout my MBA experience.  If you have further questions or insights that you feel are not covered on this site, I encourage you to send me emails (@ CondensedMBA@gmail.com ) or check out my MBA Resources page. On this page I will include links to other popular MBA-related websites that I’ve used along the way. These sites

were the resources that were provided to us as incoming first year’s at Ohio State University (Fisher). I have included other resources after contacting fellow MBA alums from other programs to ensure I did not have too strong of an OSU bias in my content. It turns out, fortunately, that most top level schools follow the same general structure and disseminate similar information and resources.

MBA Admissions Bio:

Name: Brian Dick
Age at MBA Entrance: 26
Years of Work Experience: 3
Years in Leadership Roles: 2 (Operations Manager & Operations Supervisor)
Career Before MBA: Supply Chain (Warehouse Operations and Transportation)
Companies: Jacobson Logistics (2 years); Cardinal Health (1 Year)
MBA/Career Goals: Unknown upon entry into the MBA, but I knew I wanted to change careers, or at the very least — explore the options.
Undergraduate Institution: Ohio State University
Undergraduate Major: Marketing & Operations/Logistics
Undergraduate GPA: 3.1
GMAT Score: 660
GMAT Attempts: 1
Schools Applied to: Ohio State – Fisher; Indiana University – Kelley; University of Michigan – Ross
Schools Accepted: Fisher, Kelley
Financial Aid Offered: Fisher – 2 scholarships @ 18K/year; Kelley – Part-time GA – $10K/Year
Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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