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Listed below are a number of sites and resources that most MBA’s use or at least have knowledge of. I’ve asked friends from other programs for their input to help fill out the list a bit more. For the most part, these are all common MBA resources — if you know others please email me with your recommendations.


Condensed MBA Resource Guide WetFeet – This service allows you to research different industries, and prepare for different types of interview questions asked in various fields. On this site you can also research skills needed for a given industry. It’s a great place to explore if you are looking to change careers or industries. It helps you establish an industry knowledge base, and understand the types of questions you will be asked upon entering an interview in a given field.

Condensed MBA Resource ListVault – This service is a lot like WetFeet. It provides insights into different industries. It preps you for interviews in the event you are changing careers. It also offers a job search function to search for open positions.

Condensed MBA Resource GuideHarvard Business Review – This is where MBA’s are able to purchase individual Harvard Case Studies that are required for many (most) of their classes. Harvard is not the only player in the case study game, but they are definitely the largest and most prestigious.

Condensed MBA Resource GuideWallStreet Prep – WSP is a paid service that allows you to practice and learn various tools and concepts from the finance industry. Many MBA programs offer a few open seats free of charge to their MBA’s (it’s worth asking your career services team if they have school-specific usernames and passwords for the MBA program.) This service is mostly valuable for people changing careers to the finance field or for die-hard investment banking candidates. I played around with the service, but didn’t find much value in it (I did not, however, wish to pursue a finance role. Others I know liked it.)

Condensed MBA Resource ListAdvertising Age – Mostly useful for marketing majors. Basically an online newspaper about the state of the marketing industry. It follows major brands, executives, and advertising agencies in this space. It’s worth a periodic glance if you are looking to get into a marketing or brand role.


do mbas read seth godinSeth Godin’s Blog – Another marketing specific site. Seth Godin is a well-known author and thought leader in this space. It’s at least worth knowing his name, and the names of some of his books before entering into a marketing interview.




MBA Resource Guide

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals – a valuable organization for those pursuing a career in supply chain. It offers local meet ups and presentations for members and non-members. Students are offered a membership discount which is less than $100 – this membership helps decrease admission fees on events and enrolls you in their quarterly magazine subscription. Their site also offers a supply chain specific job and member search function . You can also search for and read various supply chain white papers (some cost money) on the site.

MBA ListGlassDoor – Another common site, that is mostly valued for its salary searches and comparisons. The site also offers job searches and employee satisfaction data. It also allows you to search interview questions asked by various companies.

MBA ResourcesIvey Publishing – Another predominant player in case study publishing. Ivey is a University in Toronto, but their cases are second rate (i.e., lots of typos, etc) compared to Harvard’s. Their cases are, however, very common in many MBA programs.

MBA ReadingsIndeed – A common job search site, but its most valuable asset is its ability to track salary trends by geographic area and job title. This is a great place to search for jobs, and to check salary expectations before engaging in a salary negotiations.

What do MBAs learnLinkedIn – A phenomenal site to network and be introduced (and introduce others.) It also provides a great job search function, and a variety of other features that is expanded through premium membership.



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