Non Textbooks

There are a ton of commonly read and discussed books in the MBA world that aren’t textbooks. To be fair most MBAs┬áprobably haven’t read them, they just know they just hear enough people talking about them that they can rattle off a few key concepts or quotes from the book. If you want to be a part of the “club”, and actually know more than the posers who act like they’ve read them, give these popular books a try:

Marketing Books:

22 Immutable Laws

of Marketing

Operations Books:

Andy & Me
The Goal
What is Lean

Six Sigma

Finance Books:

  • The Big Short

Economics Books:

Accounting Books


Org Behavior Books:

Data Analysis Books:

  • MoneyBall

International Business Books:

  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Strategy Books:

General Business Books:

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