Int. Business Cases

This is a list of popularly used MBA International Business Cases and Articles. If you have other suggestions/recommendations of International Business materials used in MBA programs please email me

  • “Free Trade vs. Protectionism: The Great Corn-Laws Debate” by Moss, David A.; Lee, Marian; Brennan, Kevin; Gorin, Matt (Case)
  • “Mekong Corporation and the Vietnam Motor Vehicle Industry” by Conklin DW; Ngo H (Case)
  • “Dell’s Dilemma in Brazil: Negotiating at the State Level” by Nelson, Roy C. (Case)
  • “Enron and the Dabhol Power Company” by Inkpen, Andrew C. (Case)
  •  “Economics: An Introduction and Vocabulary” by Rukstad, Michael G. (Article)
  • “A Global Manager’s Guide to Currency Risk Management” by Moffett, Michael: Sundaram, Anant (Article)
  • “Bank Vozrozhdeniye (V. Bank) (A)” by Conklin; David W.; Hunter, Trevor (Case)
  • “Chauvco Resources Ltd: The Argentina Decision (A) (Abridged)” by Conklin, David W.; Knowles, John (Case)
  • “John McCulloch – United Beef Packers” by Erskine, James A.; Dolansky, Eric (Case)
  • “Professional Detachment: The Executioner of Paris” by Applbaum, Arthur Isak (Article)
  • “Planet Starbucks (A)” by Moffett, Michael; Ramaswamy, Kannan (Case)
  •  “Competitive Advantage on a Warming Planet” by Lash, Jonathan; Wellington, Fred (Article)
  • “Malaysia’s Multimedia Development Corporation (A)” by Conklin, David W.; Thompson, Joel; Weeks, Sylvie (Case)
  • “What Works: ITC’s E-Choupal and Profitable Rural Transformation” by Annamalai, Kuttayan; Rao, Sachin (Article)

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