Operations Cases

This list includes popular MBA Operations Cases (case studies) and articles used in many MBA programs. Because “Core Operations” covers other supply chain functions I have also included cases from sourcing and logistics. If you have more suggestions please email me.

  • “Barilla SpA (A)” by Hammond, Janice H. (Case)
  •  “Donner Co.” by Shapiro, Roy D. (Case)
  •  “Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company” by Sucher, Sandra J.; McManus, Stacy (Case)
  •  “NorthWest Airlines: Coping With Change” by Schlesinger, Leonard A. (Case)
  •  “Mattel and the Toy Recalls (A)” by Bapuji, Hari; Beamish, Paul W. (Case)
  •  “Competitve – Cost Analysis: Cost-Driver Framwork” by Laseter, Timothy M.; Heckel, Ken; Huang, Angela (Article)
  •  “Whirlpool Corporation Global Procurement” by Laseter, Timothy M. (Case)
  •  “Connect and Develop: Inside Procter & Gamble’s New Model for Innovation” by Huston, Larry; Sakkab, Nabil (Article)
  •  “Feed R&D—or Farm it Out?” by Nohria, Nitin (Case)
  •  “Sport Obermeyer” by Hammond, Janice H.; Raman, Ananth (Case)
  •  “National Cranberry Cooperative” by Miller, Jeffrey G.; Olsen, Paul R. (Case)
  •  “Strategic Performance Measurement of Suppliers at HTC” by O’Connor, Neale G.; Anderson, Shannon; Wu, Anne (Case)
  •  “Business Teams at Rubbermaid, Inc.” by Amabile, Teresa; Research Associate Dean Whitney (Case)
  •  “Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A)” by Denend, Lyn; Plambeck, Erica (Case)
  •  “Wawa: Supply Change Management” by Keidel, Robert W. (Ivey Case)
  •  “Callaway Golf Company” by Rajiv, Lal; Prescott, Edith D. (HBR Case)
  •  “Henkel Iberica (A)” by Martinez-Jerez, Asis P.; Narayanan, V.G.; (HBR Case)
  •  “CMR Enterprises” by Caravella, Mary N.; Narayandas (HBR Case)
  • “Smarter Offshoring” by Farrell, Diana (Article)
  •  “Scotts Miracle-Gro: The Spreader Sourcing Decision” by Gray, John; Leiblein, Michael; Karunakaran, Shyam (Case)
  •  “Building Deep Supplier Relationships” by Liker, Jeffrey K.; Choi, Thomas Y. (Article)
  •  “Procurement at Betapharm Corp. (A)” by Kulp, Susan; Randall, Taylor (Case)
  •  “IKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A)” by Bartlett, Christopher A.; Dessain, Vincent; Sjoman, Anders (Case)

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